We asked our students to go out and conduct their own case studies of 'doing politics':

"You choose who and what to research and write about, and it can be any aspect of what you define as 'political work'. A typical case study might be based on an interview with a practitioner, observation of a meeting or event or the analysis of documents and material artefacts. It might be obvious or unusual; it might be something new to you or something you're familiar with and interested in on the basis of your own experience. We'll discuss different possibilities in class. You need to decide on a topic by the end of week 6, when we'll ask for a simple 100-word outline of what you want to do," (course handbook).

Check out some of our students' essays from our 2014 Honours class:

Managing multiple political worlds as a Senior Housing Officer and trade union activist

The journey of a vote in the election of a student society committee

Managing contradiction in an anarchist publishing cooperative

Being visible and invisible as the National Chairman of the youth wing of a political party

A journey through the spaces of power in a court

Growing up in Alpha Phi Fraternity