‘doing dolitics’ is a project based at the University of Edinburgh. 'doing politics' involves:

  • developing and deploying micro-sociological approaches to studying and teaching politics.
  • beginning with the daily lives and micro-practices of political actors and the worlds that they act in.
  • theorizing politics in this way, generating accounts of the local daily realities of politics ('case studies') and developing pedagogy grounded in these approaches.
  • teaching and learning with undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as policy workers, practitioners and other political actors.
[W]e are confronting a universe marked by tremendous fluidity; it won’t and can’t stand still. It is a universe where fragmentation, splintering, and disappearance are the mirror images of appearance, emergence, and coalescence. This is a universe where nothing is strictly determined. Its phenomena should be partly determinable via naturalistic analysis, including the phenomenon of [people] participating in the construction of the structures which shape their lives.
— Strauss 1993, p 19
This is the first time that a course gave me the feeling of learning together with my class, as opposed to simply being provided with knowledge as an individual. It did what a course should do: provided the space for us students to throw around ideas and develop them collectively with minimal sense of judgement. The course, including the assessment, pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone in a productive way and, by enabling me to explore new ways of looking at political processes, made me a more critical and creative thinker.
— Student, 2015